1.7.2020 - 31.8.2020

The Summer Artist


Free admission

The Summer Artist 2020 is Sofi Häkkinen!

Onnekas sattuma / Serendipity

City of Seinäjoki hires each summer a young artist or visual art student to work at the Kunsthalle for two months. The summer artist makes art and participatory projects, depending on their own interest and artistic strengths. This summer Sofi Häkkinen will work at the workshop Itikka and collect materials, ideas and thoughts from the audience, then processing them into art works. Anyone can participate and bring the artist something they would like to see become a work of art or part of it! Häkkinen wants to discuss and open up the mystery around artistic work. She is interested in the participatory side of the project and letting the audience affect her work. The outcome will be a surprise also for the artist herself.

The summer artist starts working on the July 6th and continue until the end of August.

Sofi Häkkinen is Bachelor of Media and Arts (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) and Master of Arts (Aalto University, Helsinki). She works with sculpture, video, mixed media and different experimental projects.

The summer artist can be found in Instagram @kesakuvataiteilija