Summer Artist 2023 is Baran Caginli

portrait photo of a man, black and white

Baran Caginli, kuva Sami Parkkinen

Baran Caginli (b.1990, Istanbul) is the seventh Summer Artist at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. He will work between the 19th of June and the 18th of August. During the summer Caginli begins a project that is an encounter between the artist and the local community and the exchange of knowledge to bake bread together. The artist will share his ceramic knowledge with people who can teach him their own, local or  inherited bread recipes. It will be a platform for sharing knowledge, experience, stories and learning from each other.  The artist will produce ceramic molds for baking breads in the form of recipe owners faces. The recipe owners will bake their own bread in these molds. In the end of the Summer artist’s job period, the bread will be eaten together at an event in the art and culture centre Kalevan Navetta.

Baran Caginli lives and works in Helsinki. His works underline universal and global concerns by highlighting the problematics of, and contradictions of power, governmental conflicts, military systems, systematic repression, identity, and discrimination. Through diverse media, including photography, sculpture, installation, and archival material, he includes elements of hand-made skill and techniques. Caginli integrates layers of camouflage or concealment, re-constituting them and giving them a voice in a new context, and to adding to them subtle messaging and gestures.

Baran Caginli received the ESSL Art Prize in 2015 and has been involved in many national and international collections and projects. Caginli’s work was exhibited at the Helsinki Biennale, 2021, and is currently on view at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts’ master’s degree exhibition, Kuvan Kevät 2023 in Helsinki.

How to participate

Do you have a bread recipe? If you would like to join the artist’s project or for hear more on how to participate, contact Kunsthalle Seinäjoki’s art producer Pii Anttila. Kunsthalle is looking for a maximum of 10 participants for the Summer Artist project.

4 ceramic molds

Ceramic molds mady by Baran Caginli


Bread that has a face

Bread by Baran Caginli

About the Summer Artist job

City of Seinäjoki has hired each Summer since 2017 a young visual artist or visual art student to work as the Summer Artist. The Summer Artist, “Kesäkuvataiteilija” in Finnish, works for two months with their own independent artistic project. The idea is to create something that is visible to the local community and has participatory elements. The Summer Artist works at the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and has the resources and support of our team and the Cultural Services of Seinäjoki. The Summer Artist can use the workshops space Itikka as their studio. The theme of the project is different each year but there is always a strong emphasis on participatory work-methods and public art.

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Follow the project and artist:

The summer artist communicates on his own social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. On the channel you can also access projects realized by Summer Artists from previous years. In addition, Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and City of Seinäjoki will share news about the Summer Artist in their own social media channels.

Instagram: @kesakuvataiteilija


Summer Artist:

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