Artist meeting with Hannele Rantala

Näyttelytila Vintti


Artist’s meeting on the 5th of April at 5pm.  Hannele Rantala will talk about her artistic work in the Laskoksia (Foldings) exhibition.

The language of the event is Finnish. You are welcome to use English for questions and comments.

At the artist meeting, Hannele Rantala will talk about the background of her work in Laskoksia-exhibition, currently on display in Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. How have the series Prison and The Other World formed? How does she approach the concept of parallel worlds in relation to her work?

Rantala’s work Unen ja kuoleman rajalla (Between Dream and Death) was created during 2019–2024. It consists of two series of photographs depicting parallel worlds: the Prison and Another World. The first series, photographed in Patarei, a disused Soviet era prison in Estonia, The second series of pictures depicts a dream-like parallel world to the penitentiary.

Laskoksia (Foldings) is a joint exhibition with the photographer Kari Soinio.
The exhibition is shown in Seinäjoki Kunsthalle until 25 May, 2024.

Hannele Rantala (b. 1952) studied photography at the University of the Arts in the 1970s. She has lived and worked in Moscow, Paris and Brussels. Rantala was awarded the State Prize of Photographic Art in 2022, when her works were exhibited in the show Vuoropuhelua (Dialogue) at the Ateneum Art Museum. Rantala’s retrospective exhibition The end of wonderful times was exhibited at the Finnish Museum of Photography in 2015.

Rantala’s works often deal with alienation, fugitiveness, departures and change. In addition to photographs, the works can take the form of spatial works, performances, texts or interventions. Rantala’s work Vieraskirja (Guestbook) from 2009 is a touchable marble slab that is permanently placed in the lobby of the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Rantala has also participated in making several photo books.

Photo: Krista Luoma. Installation view from the exhibition, detail of Hannele Rantala’s work Between the Dream and the Death.