Public Art

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki is responsible for the coordination of public art in the City of Seinäjoki. The range of public art is diverse. It can mean art that is integrated in the builing processes and architecture, public statues, events, temporary public art works and participatory projects.

You may read more about public art in Seinäjoki in Finnish on the City of Seinäjoki website of public art. The info in English is in the making.

For more information regarding public art projects in the City of Seinäjoki, contact the public art coordinator.


Explore public art in Seinäjoki

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki has produced guides and maps to explore the public art in Seinäjoki. The materials are in Finnish.

PatsasPyöräily (“Statue Biking”) is a map that encourages to explore public art in Seinäjoki riding a bike. The locations of public art works in Seinäjoki are showing on the maps and there are 3 different routes that can be followed in different parts of the city: Centre, From Centre to Törnävä and Törnävä. Maps can be downloaded here:


PatsasPaikannus (“Statue Locating”) is a material for local schools that offers information about the public art works, statues and monuments in Seinäjoki. The material is in Finnish. It can be downloaded on the Finnish website of the cultural education plan Kulttuurimatka.


Art collection of the City of Seinäjoki

City of Seinäjoki owns an art collection that is mostly exhibited in offices, bureaus, institutions, schools and day-care centres. There are approximately 800 art works in the collection dated  from the 1960s to the present time. The collection is coordinated by Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. For information about the art collection, contact the public art coordinator.


Promoting public art in the city

City of Seinäjoki has a working committee that promotes public art in the city. For information about the public art committee, contact the public art coordinator.