Open Call for Summer Artist 2024

We are looking for a visual artist to do artistic work! The idea of ​​the two-month long summer job is to hire a visual artist or art student at the beginning of their career to implement a public project that is based on their own artistic practice. We welcome applicants of different ages, localities and backgrounds. The call is open until 3rd of March 2024. Apply through Kuntarekry.

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Open Call for Summer Artist 2024

Summer Artist 2024

We are looking for a visual artist to do artistic work!

The Cultural Services of the City of Seinäjoki is looking for a Summer Artist for the eight time. The idea of ​​the two-month long (July 8th – September 8th, 2024) summer job is to hire a visual artist or art student at the beginning of their career to implement a public project that is based on their own artistic practice. We welcome applicants of different ages, localities and backgrounds. The application can also be sent in English.

We invite you to submit a project proposal that raises ideas about memorials, the tradition of remembrance and the future of remembrance through contemporary art. What is worth remembering? For example, multidisciplinary, process or event-based, site specific or performative practices are possible for the Summer Artist’s working period. The Summer Artist will join the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki team at the Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta.  Specific details for the working period are shaped depending on the artist’s ideas, interests and methods in a dialogue with Kunsthalle Seinäjoki.

What are we looking for?

The applicant must present a preliminary project idea or work plan of what they would like to implement as the Summer Artist 2024. It is important that the project is possible to complete during the 2 month period.

An artist who outlines how their artistic process would address the given theme: how is remembrance reflected in a publicly shared space and what is worth remembering? What has been remembered in the past and what could be the ways of remembering in the future?

The artistic work will be visible to the customers of the Art and Culture Centre and the residents of Seinäjoki in some way during the summer.

At the end of the working period, the Summer Artist will implement a pop-up exhibition, presentation, video screening, talk or event lasting a few days. The artist can use the Itikka space at Kalevan Navetta for this. As an event, this will be connected to the opening event of Tove Kjellmark’s solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki on Friday the 6th of September 2024.


We expect

A strong artistic vision and an inspiring, original project idea.

Independent and public-friendly working style and good cooperation and communication skills.


We Offer

Monthly salary of 2231,55  €/month and the support and expertise of the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki staff.

A production budget of around 1000 €.

Work phone and computer.

Working space in Kalevan Navetta. There are certain usage restrictions, such as the use of solvents, spray or permanent paints, ceramics and wood and plaster sculptures, etc.


The duration of the work period is 2 months, between July and September 2024.  Working days are from Monday to Friday but working hours are flexible. Working period will begin from the 8th of July and end the 8th of September. Small changes to the timetable are negotiable.

You can also attach the project idea and CV as an attachment.

Check out the previous projects of summer artists:

More Information:

Workshop space Itikka­

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki


Instagram: @kesakuvataiteilija

Facebook: Kesäkuvataiteilija

Application period 5.2.-3.3.2024.

Through Kuntarekry: Work key SEI-01-16-24

More information: Pii Anttila, Art Producer | Kunsthalle Seinäjoki




AARG – Art and the rural gathering 2023 on 5th Oct

AARG is a gathering that explores current themes in contemporary art and rural areas. AARG Art and the Rural Gathering is a discussion platform and meeting place launched by the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. The theme of the AARG 2023 is learning from history for the complex challenges of today and the future.

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Summer at the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki

The Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and the Kalevan Navetta offer a variety of art experiences and events. The summertime also brings some changes to our opening hours.

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Open Call for Vintti space

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki announces an open call for the exhibition program. The call is open from 15 March to 19 June 2023.  Based on the applications, one exhibition will be selected for the program in the Vintti exhibition space for 2025. We accept exhibition proposals from artists, working groups, and curators that engage in an ambitious and challenging dialogue with the context and spaces of Kunsthalle Seinäjoki.

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Babies’ Colour Workshop

Babies’ colour workshop is a multisensory visual art workshop for babies and families with babies. The main focus is on experiencing various colours and materials when a child and parent are doing and admiring things together. The activity is suitable for babies from 4 months old. Workshops are held at the workshop space Itikka. Colour workshops are offered to groups that come together several times and to individual quick-visit workshops. The language in the workshops is generally Finnish but the educator of the group also speaks English, so participating in English is possible. Sign up on the NetTicket online store.

The activity in the workshop happens on the floor. Each baby and adult have their own spot on the floor where the workshop instructor brings all the materials being used. The workshop begins with exploring different materials and colours, usually various types of objects together with the child. After that the painting starts. The paints are made of eatable materials like berries in different forms, fruits and vegetables starch, seeds and so on. The materials are chosen according to the official nutrition and food recommendations by the Finnish Food Authority.

For more information about the workshops, please read the following info text by the Pori Centre for Childrens’ Culture Kruunupää.

The workshops are held around the year, usually from February to June and from September to November. Sign-up for the workshops at the NetTicket online store. The online store is in Finnish but you can contact the Art educator for more information. In any questions about the workshop or participation, please contact the workshop instructor Minna Peltoniemi.


Kunsthalle Seinäjoki announces exhibitions for 2023

The year 2023 begins with group exhibitions of artists working in Finland, while the exhibitions opening in summer and autumn are a continuation of the cooperation between Nordic artists and art institutions.

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Muu-Mau’s Autumn Day in Kalevan Navetta

Welcome to the art and culture event for the whole family at Kalevan Navetta Sat 24th of September. Free entry.

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Ukrainian artist Oleksandra Viazinko’s exhibition in Itikka Space

The Visible Radiation exhibition is open from 2 to 8 of September 2022, Sat 11am-3pm and Mon-Thurs 11am-7pm. Free entrance.

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Video installations of strange human-animals create an immersive art experience

Noelia Mora Solvez’s first exhibition in Finland invites viewers to enter a strange world. Farming is an energetic, sonic and performative exhibition composed of video installations. All six works are based on and inspired by farm-raised animals. The exhibition invites viewers to ask questions and reflect on human social behaviour by shifting the boundaries of the human/animal dichotomy.

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Farming -Exhibition Opening & Speech Karaoke at Kalevan Navetta Summer Day Event 2022

Noelia Mora Solvez‘s first exhibition in Finland invites viewers to enter a strange world. Farming is an energetic, sonic and performative exhibition composed of video installations. All six works are based on and inspired by farm-raised animals. Farming’s opening event is a part of summer fest in Kalevan Navetta on Wednesday 29.6.2022 at 5-8 pm. The program consists of e.g. Speech Karaoke for the first time in Seinäjoki and a picnic at the inner yard.

Everyone is welcome to join! Free entry. More information

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Anniversary exhibition at Vintti’s church-like atmosphere

The artist couple Mammu and Pasi Rauhala celebrate their joint project of a 10-year journey with an anniversary exhibition at Vintti in Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. Bears All Things (originally in Finnish ‘Kaiken se kestää’) is a lifelong art project where the artists document their daily lives wearing their wedding attire. The work is continuous and intertwined with the everyday life of the artists, from home renovations to yard maintenance.

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The Summer Artist 2022 is Olivia Viitakangas

Visual artist Olivia Viitakangas, who works with performativity, photography and video art, has been chosen as the sixth summer artist for the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. During the summer, Viitakangas will conduct an artistic site-specific survey of a 55,866 m2 size park in the Pohja district. The process-based performative work borrows methods from the research practices. Activities will include participatory art, and the data collected will be in the end of the project a published book that mimics a research paper.

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The Kunsthalle is open on two Sundays in May

The exhibitions are open on Vappu 1st of May and on Mother’s Day 8th of May from 11 am to 3 pm. Free admission.

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Tamara Piilola’s exhibition celebrates trees

For her solo exhibition at Vintti in Kunsthalle Seinäjoki, Tamara Piilola has painted living beings called trees and their habitats. Large-scale oil paintings offer absorbing moments in a world of colours, depths and shapes. The subject of Piilola’s paintings is classic and seemingly very simple and clear. In her exhibition, the artist reflects on the fact that a painting has the ability to show things from a different perspective. A painting can be used to express something that is hard to put into words – give voice to a tree.

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Apply for the Summer Artist Job 2022

Summer artist 2022 open call is on until 13th of March 2022! The Cultural Services of Seinäjoki City is hiring professional artist to do visual art in the city. The idea is to hire an emerging visual artist or art student to do artistic work. Every year the location is a bit different. Multidisciplinary, communal, site-specific, performative art are possible. The summer artist will become part of the staff at the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and can use the Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta as the workplace.


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Exhibition of internationally renowned bio-artists opens on the 3rd of February

The first new exhibition of the year in Kunsthalle Seinäjoki opens in the Halli exhibition space. The Criss-Crossing Ecologies carried out in collaboration with the Bioart Society, presents works by artists whose research leads to questions about what coexistence is in different types of ecosystems and how humans relate to their environment. In the exhibition, the findings are conveyed in the languages of art, science and technology, in the form of photographs, installations, sculptures, videos and sound.

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Kunsthalle Seinäjoki announces future programs

The exhibition program of Kunsthalle Seinäjoki for 2022 is ready. A total of five exhibitions will be seen in the two exhibition spaces, embodying the diverse forms of contemporary art from bioart to oil painting. The themes reflect current discussions in contemporary art, such as the coexistence of different species, social structures such as sex and relationships, and spirituality. The program in exhibition space Halli is international, while Vintti’s three exhibitions feature the art of Finnish artists.

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The Summer Artist 2021 is Riikka Gröndahl

The Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and the Culture Services of City of Seinäjoki have hired a young artist or visual art student since 2017 for a two month period in summer. The 5th Summer Artist is Riikka Gröndahl who will film silent video portraits of local people in the Seinäjoki market square. She will start working in the middle of June 2021.

Read more about the Summer Artist concept here. Follow The Summer Artist on Facebook and Instagram @kesakuvataiteilija.


Jaana Maijala and Ville Linna explore the sounds of living plants in their exhibition

In the spring of 2021, Maijala and Linna will create an installation for Vintti of the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki, which will explore specimens detached from nature – living plants – and their potential to produce sound and image.

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Adult & Child Workshop


Adult and child workshops are art moments shared by a child with his or her close adult. In these workshops, children and adults will enhance their art experience by visiting the current art exhibition and will make art themselves. Workshop content and themes are always related to the exhibitions, either thematically, technically or on other levels. The idea is to explore the art and the world together as a team of adult and child, and as the whole group. The language in the workshops is generally Finnish but the art instructor of the group also speaks English, so participating in English is possible.

The Kunsthalle offers weekly workshops where the group come together 4 times, and quick-visit workshops. There are workshops for different age groups, starting from 3-4 year-olds to 5-6 year-old children. The workshops are usually held from February to May and September to November.

The timetables and sign-up for the workshops can be found in the NetTicket online store. The store is in Finnish, but if you have questions or need help signing-up, please contact art instructor.


Photograph by Katariina Vestergård

Päivi Rintaniemi’s solo exhibition presents the latest works of the artist

The first solo exhibition set in the rough Hall of the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki is Calix by Päivi Rintaniemi, an artist from Seinäjoki. The exhibition will be open from 4.2.2021 to – 29.5.2021.

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The first exhibitions of the year 2021 have been announced

The exhibition year presents contemporary art by both local and international artists.

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Mysteries of nature take over the Kunsthalle

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki opens on May 1st 2020. The current covid-19 outbreak has affected the exhibition program. Notes by Petra Koivisto is extended until the 1st of August. Also the Nice to (finally) meet you! exhibition is open until the August 1st.

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SoS Bunkers Live Stream Art Event

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki presents SoS – Bunkers as part of the off time program Taidehalli välittää. The live stream art event is co-produced with Pixelache Helsinki.

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SoS Bunkers live stream & art event

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki presents SoS – Bunkers as part of their off time program Taidehalli välittää. The live stream art event
is co-produced with Pixelache Helsinki and features process-based art from the artists Elina Vainio (FI), Mari Keski-Korsu (FI), Alan Bulfin (IE) and Charli Clark (UK). The event explores sustenance as a way to expand our social and ecological bonds and interdependencies. Alan Bulfin, a Seinäjoki-based Irish artist, is responsible for the event production. The event is funded by Taike, Finnish Art Promotion Centre. The event is a sequel to SoS-station event as part of ‘Breaking the Fifth Wall’ Pixelache Festival 2019, which was presented in the old firestation in May 2019. Due to changes as a result of the “COVID-19” outbreak SoS Bunkers will be co-produced together with Pixelache members project Bunkers, facilitated by Alan Bulfin and Mari Keski-Korsu. Bunkers is a series of interviews about care for the environment in the cities and how art and green care psychology combine to create new paths of thinking and forms of public care. The broadcast production is facilitated by Pixelache Helsinki. SoS Bunkers event is broadcasted and showcase online over 3
days. Locations are Alajoen perinnealue Ilmajoki and old bunker in Seinäjoki. Mari Keski-Korsu will broadcast a participatory performance from her home in Helsinki. The format will be a live broadcasts, video workshops, site-specific art and interviews, lasting 2 hours every day. The event is in English and partly in Finnish.
Broadcast links will be shared on the websites of Seinäjoki Kunsthalle and Pixelache Helsinki and in their social media channels.
Read the full programme of the event here: PRESSRELEASE SoS-bunkers_ENG.


Day one
14.5.2020 12:00 – 14:00
Alan Bulfin presents:
Fidelity of Home
a DIY art-making day
Charli Clark presents:
Loads of Pollen
a DIY art-making day
Elina Vainio presents:
Site-specific work
Day two
15.5.2020 12:00 – 14:00
Alan Bulfin & Mari Keski-Korsu presents:
interview series
Mari Keski-Korsu presents:
Akantupakilla / Holding Space with Yarrow
participatory performance
Day three
16.5.2020 12:00 – 14:00
Alan Bulfin presents;
Fidelity of Home
a DIY art-making day
Charli Clark presents:
Loads of Pollen
a DIY art-making day
Elina Vainio presents :
Site-specific work


Kunsthalle Seinäjoki is closed for the time being

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki is closed based on the decicions of the Finnish Government. All events and group visits during this time will be rescheduled or cancelled. Art exhibition and other culture spaces will open gradually in the end of June 2020.

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Welcome to the opening!

Opening of the new Arts and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta is celebrated with a week-long opening program 11 – 21 March.

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Call for experimental video

Visual artist Aeon Lux calls for experimental video art and performative art for the Aeon Lux Performance Club: Troyan Horse at the art and culture center Kalevan Navetta 4th April 2020.

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The opening program has been announced

Kunsthalle Seinäjoki will open in the Kalevan Navetta Arts and Culture Center in March 2020.The opening program has been announced. The program of the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki includes contemporary art exhibitions, public art and a diverse program of activities. Exhibitions are on display in the exhibition halls Halli and Vintti, located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Center.

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