The Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta provides a number of services to visitors. A restaurant, a shop, an art rental shop and conference services – all under one roof. You can organise art birthdays and workshops at the Kunsthalle, both for children and adults. You can also have parties, wellbeing-at-work days and enjoy other service packages at the Kunsthalle. Combine your brunch, lunch or a cup of coffee with an exhibition visit! We offer various packages jointly with the Äärellä restaurant that provides restaurant services to Kalevan Navetta. Also, our premises can be booked for private meetings and other occasions with the restaurant.


Art birthdays, party packages and wellbeing-at-work days

Art birthdays are organised both for adults and children. We also offer tailored wellbeing-at-work and party packages for adults. Please contact our producer for public programmes for more information.


Congress Venues

The Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta offers different opportunities for organising everything from small meetings and gatherings to bigger seminars and events. Please contact the Restaurant Äärellä to learn more.