Call for experimental video

Visual artist Aeon Lux calls for experimental video art and performative art for the Aeon Lux Performance Club: Troyan Horse at the art and culture center Kalevan Navetta 4th April 2020. The event is part of the Taidehalli välittää program that offers space for professional artists’ events and other productions.

The theme of the event is ”romance and post-internet”. The lenght of the video can be max 20 minutes. The empasis is on experimental video art. Professional artists and art students can participate. The call is open until 8th March  2020 23:59.

Participants will send links to the video (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram etx.), synopsis and detailed information of the video via e-mail to troijanhevonen(at) The headline of the e-mail: ”Loading… Open Call”.