7.7.2022 - 7.7.2022

The Essence of the Park – Workshop Day & Picnic

Kalevalanpuisto, Pohja, Seinäjoki

Free Admission

Welcome to spend a picnic and a workshop day in Kalevala Park together with summer artist Olivia Viitakangas. Thursday 7.7. and Wednesday 3.8. at 1pm to 3pm. What is the spirit and essence of the park? In the workshop, children can try to solve the essence of the park and they are courage to draw the spirits of the park!

Young children can attend the workshop with their parents. The workshop operates on a non-stop basis. Minna Peltoniemi, producer of public programmes at the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki, and Olivia Viitakangas, the summer artist, will be present. Free entry.

Olivia Viitakangas has been chosen as the sixth summer artist for the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki. Viitakangas begins her work in June until the end of September 2022. During the summer, Viitakangas will conduct an artistic site-specific survey of a 55,866 m2 size park in the Pohja district. The process-based performative work borrows methods from the research practices. What is the character or the essence of the park? Activities will include participatory art, and the data collected will be in the end of the project a published book that mimics a research paper. The area of ​​operation is Seinäjoki’s Kalevala Park (Kalevalanpuisto).

More information: Olivia Viitakangas, kesäkuvataiteilija, tel 040 537 7716. olivia.viitakangas@seinajoki.fi