9.12.2020 - 6.3.2021

Matthew Cowan: Wildness Makes This World


6 / 4 €

Wildness Makes This World is a participatory art project by artist Matthew Cowan, Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and the orchestra Laitakaupungin orkesteri, that searches for meaningful places. Places that could be described as wild, because someone has experienced something wild there. The places have personal meaning,remind of wildness or the nature or they simply remind of something that was once experienced, moments that were lived. Matthew Cowan asks local people to introduce these wild places and makes art about them or in them, together with the participants. The exhibition consists of video, photography and installation. Laitakaupungin orkesteri and Matthew Cowan produce audio for the exbihition. The University of Arts Sibelius Academy Seinäjoki office supports the production.


Matthew Cowan is a New Zealand artist, based in Berlin and Helsinki, working in the realm of traditional European customs. His works are photographs, videos, installations and performances, which play with the inherent strangeness of the continued popularity of long established folk customs in a contemporary world.


Picture: Matthew Cowan, Wild Wildman on Yellow, 2019