4.2.2021 - 29.5.2021

Päivi Rintaniemi: Calix


6 / 4 €

Calix exhibition by Päivi Rintaniemi exhibits the newest works by the internationally acclaimed artist. The simple, fragile yet stabile form of Rintaniemi’s sculptures give audience the possibility to focus on the simple, physical surface and arrested movement. Clay, often considered a modest material, has a strong character. Over the decades thousands of objects, sculptures, surfaces and forms have been molded in Rintaniemi’s hands.

”My work methods are very simple and traditional – hand building with clay and knife. In some works I have also used other materials like concrete and iron wire.”

Calix is the first solo exhibition in the Halli and shows a whole new side to the space: the rough Halli offers an interesting background for the sculptures. The artist processes life’s peculiarities, tragedies and joys.

”Clay offers a possibility for meditative work and dialogue. And it also has its’ mystical side reminding of past generations.”

Consisting of microscopic small grains, clay is an everlasting, historical material. The Latin word  ”calix” means a bowl.

Päivi Rintaniemi has a successful artistic career in Finland and abroad. As an artist, she uses her works to talk about life’s turning points in words, that the audience can identify with. The titles of her works and exhibitions often carry names from reality. Like a researcher, she reflects on humanity, what we see in others and how we can care for each other noticing the beauty and simplicity of things through art.


Photo by Päivi Rintaniemi