11.3.2020 - 21.3.2020


Welcome to the opening!

Opening of the new Arts and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta is celebrated with a week-long opening program 11 – 21 March. The exhibition opening and open house start the celebrations on Wednesday the 11th. Everybody is welcome to the event. The program consists of, for example, the interview with the artists in Nice to (finally) meet you!, dance performance at Vintti in Petra Koivisto’s Notes exhibition. The evening culminates with musician Pekko Käppi on solo concert at the Äärellä restaurant.

Opening program Wednesday 11th 5-9 pm

The exhibition opening at Seinäjoki Kunsthalle and Open House at the arts and culture centre. Free admittance and bus transport! See the timetable and route plan here.

17-21 Open House at the Arts and Culture Centre.

18 Opening of exhibitions and interview with the artists in the Nice to (finally) meet you! exhibition

19 Kaisa Mansikka: BURDEN, dance performance at Vintti

20 Pekko Käppi solo at Äärellä restaurant

21 Fire circurs Flamma performing in the yard