26.8.2020 - 9.1.2020

What’s it like to be an animal?


6 / 4 €

What’s it Like to Be an Animal? introduces works from 8 Finnish contemporary artists Minna Herrala, Mari Keski-Korsu, Teemu Lehmusruusu, Toni Lehtola, Lotta Mattila, Mia Mäkelä, Kati Roover and Elina Ruohonen.

The exhibition is based on evolution biologist and researcher Helena Telkänranta’s book (2015). Telkänranta is a Finnish researcher at the University of Helsinki and University of Bristol, UK.

The artists’ art work reflect and are thematically based on the book. The book is an introduction to the animal behaviour and the art works widens and broadens its’ themes with artistic and visual thinking. Each artist has chosen a chapter in the book that they have used as the base for the art work. Helena Telkänranta has worked as a commentator and discussion partner for the artists. The exhibition doesn’t illustrate the book, but deepens it thematically. In scientific research anything is not possible but in art boundaries can be crossed.

The exhibition helps us gain better understanding of human affection and behavior. It gives us better abilities to understand the other feelings and perceptions populate this planet. What are the joys, sorrows and passions that animals have? How far can animals’ knowledge and learning skills go? What actually are animal instincts? The exhibition highlights the ability and willingness to understand other beings’ perspective and experience. Using this ability is not making us dehumanized – but the opposite.