1.1.2020 - 31.12.2021

Adult & Child Workshop

Kässä 1 workshop space, 1st floor

NetTicket online store

40 e weekly workshops / 12 € quick-visits

Adult and child workshops are art moments shared by a child with his or her close adult (parent, grandparent or even godfather or godmother). In these workshops, children and adults will enhance their art experience by visiting the current art exhibition and will make art themselves. Workshop content and themes are always related to the exhibitions, either thematically, technically or on other levels. The idea is to explore the art and the world together as a team of adult and child, and as the whole group. The language in the workshops is generally Finnish but the educator of the group also speaks English, so participating in English is possible.

The Kunsthalle offers weekly workshops where the group come together 4 times, and quick-visit workshops. There are workshops for different age groups, starting from 3-4 year-olds to 7-8 year-old children. The workshops are usually held from February to May and September to November.

The timetables and sign-up for the workshops can be found in the NetTicket online store. The store is in Finnish, but if you have questions or need help signing-up, please contact art educator.


Photograph by Katariina Vestergård