16.6.2021 - 15.8.2021

The Summer Artist 2021

Seinäjoki market square and the workshop space Itikka


Summer Artist Riikka Gröndahl is present at the Seinäjoki market square (“Keskustori”) in June and July on Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays the 3rd and 10th of June. at 9 – 11 am and at 12-2 pm. Her tent is located by the parking garage entrance, on the opposite to the Nordea bank office and the Vekseli bar.

Welcome to participate!

Persons under 18 years need a videography permit signed by their parent. The Summer Artist will provide the sheet or it can be downloaded here. Videography permit in Finnish

torilla kaksi naista ja kuvaus setappi valmiina odottamassa osallistujia

Picture: Sanna KoK

The Summer Artist 2021 Riikka Gröndahl works from June 16 to August 15. Her project Silent Portrait is a participatory, open project where she films silent video portraits of people. After the summer, the video footage will be stored in the collection of the Seinäjoki Museums. Later, after decades, it can be shown to future generations. The art work invites us to reflect on what is happening right  now and how we will be remembered when we are no longer here – and also perhaps the speciality of the contemporary time we are living in. The Silent Portrait will be exhibited at the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki in August, before it will be stored in the museum collection. The video can be seen at the workshop space Itikka in August 11-14 during opening hours.

You can follow the Summer Artist on Facebook Kesäkuvataiteilija page and on Instagram @kesäkuvataiteilija.

Riikka Gröndahl is a multidisciplinary artist who is particularly interested in humans and human behaviour.

The City of Seinäjoki has employed an Summer Artist each year since 2017. Read more about the Summer Artist project here.