1.6.2017 - 31.12.2025

The Summer Artist

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City of Seinäjoki has hired each summer since 2017 a young visual artist or visual art student to work as the summer artist. The summer artist works for two months with their own independent artistic project. The idea is to create something that is visible to the local community and has participatory elements. The summer artists works at the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki and has the resources and support of our team and the Cultural Services of Seinäjoki. Each summer artist does their own thing which means that the project is different each year.

Previous Summer Artists:


Aeon Lux Koskinen 2019

Aeon Lux Koskinen aimed to make Seinäjoki space-ready. The city has declared itself as the “capital of space” in its’ marketing, but what does it mean? Is the city fully prepared for the title?

The summer artist used social media to create a narrative of the city’s fictional sci-fi presence and past, galactical hitch-hiking culture and our relations to other space species. The artist made video works about the capital of space. They were published on the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki Youtube channel.

The summer artist made Space traffic signs that were installed to public spaces (in the picture). The signs for example showed where to hitch-hike to get a ride on a U.F.O, warned about strange light phenomenons and forbid creating crop circles. One of the signs is installed permanently in the yard of Kalevan Navetta. The summer artist also participated in different summer events in the city.

Aeon Lux Koskinen (born 1993) makes video art, performance and paints. She graduated from the Kankaanpää Art School and currently lives and works in Seinäjoki.

Aeon Lux Koskinen in the Finnish Artist Register 






Eetu Kevarinmäki 2018

Eetu Kevarinmäki made installations and site-specific art works during the summer. He also curated works by other artists to the public space. Installation by Ville Malja and a video work by Nayab Ikram were exhibited at the shopping mall Torikeskus for a week. KASA (Finnish for “PILE”) by Mikko Paakkonen and Mikko Heino (in the picture) was installed at the Citizen’s square in the Alvar Aalto centre.

The summer artist also made art works on his own. He repaired two bus stops and turned the idea of street art upside down. It is often considered vandalism, but is it always about messing up the public space? Could is also repair what’s damaged? In addition he also started individual photography projects that continued also after the summer.

Eetu Kevarinmäki (born 1993) is a visual artist and photographer. He graduated from the Turku Art Academy. In addition to visual art he is interested in producing projects and events.

Eetu Kevarinmäki’s homepage

Julia Kukkonen 2017

Julia Kukkonen explored Seinäjoki, a completely unfamiliar city with the means of performance over the summer. She organised  open performance walks where the group explored the city centre different ways, such as following a colour or a map of another city. The summer artist also sent messages in the bottle to flow in the Seinäjoki river and took over a parking spot in the centre for one day, to turn it into a pop-up café where locals would tell her about their home town.

At the end of the two-month long exploration, she made the publication Where they do it themselves – an alternative guide to Seinäjoki.

Julia Kukkonen (born 1988) is a visual artist, innovator and gentle activist. She studied architecture at the Aalto University and graduated from the Kankaanpää Art School.


Julia Kukkonen’s home page