Kunsthalle Seinäjoki announces future programs

The exhibition program of Kunsthalle Seinäjoki for 2022 is ready. A total of five exhibitions will be seen in the two exhibition spaces, embodying the diverse forms of contemporary art from bioart to oil painting. The themes reflect current discussions in contemporary art, such as the coexistence of different species, social structures such as sex and relationships, and spirituality. The program in exhibition space Halli is international, while Vintti’s three exhibitions feature the art of Finnish artists.

The first new exhibition of the year is Criss-Crossing Ecologies, which will be opened in early February in collaboration with the Bioart Society. The works ponder natural and human phenomena using things such as seaweed, artificial intelligence in space, bird sounds, seawater acidity levels, radioactivity, or mutated frogs as their material and starting point. The artists are  Brandon Ballengée (US), Cecilia Jonsson (NO), Julia Lohmann (DE), Soichiro Mihara (JP), Leena Saarinen and Antti Tenetz. The exhibition has been previously seen in Annantalo in Helsinki and is curated by Erich Berger, Mari Keski-Korsu and Anna Puhakka.

The other exhibitions presents paintings of trees, a humoristic zoomorphic world of video installations, a jubilee exhibition of an artist couple and a meditative metal and sound sculpture.


Picture: Cecilia Jonsson

Exhibition program 2022

-8.1.2022  Gustafsson & Haapoja: Siat – Pigs, Halli

-5.2.2022  Ihmeen kaunista! / Miraculously Beautiful!, Vintti

3.2. – 1.6.2022 Poikkipolkuja ekologiaan –ryhmänäyttely / Criss-Crossing Ecologies –group exhibition, Halli

3.3. – 7.5.2022  Tamara Piilola: Puu on ihme, Vintti

2.6. – 27.8.2022  Mammu & Pasi Rauhala: Kaiken se kestää – Ensimmäiset 10 vuotta, Vintti

30.6. – 10.12.2022  Noelia Mora Solvez: Farming, Halli

22.9.2022 – 28.1.2023  Ida Sofia Fleming & Vesa Rahikainen: Välitila – Liminal Space, Vintti


More info coming soon!